Marquette City Charter Commission

The document that governs how the city of Marquette operates is in for some changes this year.

The members of the Marquette Charter commission are examining the city charter chapter by chapter.

Some of the members want the charter to say that the city’s Finance Department will cares for the Peter White Public Library’s finances and that the library be included in the city’s annual audit.

They say it’s not a current problem, but it’s been an issue in the past.

Charter Commission member Mike Coyne says when he was on the City Commission, library staff would sometimes not provide any budgetary information at all to work with — he says the library would literally turn in a blank page.

The Charter Commission is also concerned about how volunteers are selected to serve on city boards and committees.

the city commission may receive authority over that.

Charter Commission member Robert Berube II says he’s served on city volunteer boards and committees with people who probably shouldn’t weren’t qualified.

He says many of those people had issues of various kinds that were known about before they were appointed, but they received the appointments anyway because the City Commission didn’t feel it had any control about who should be appointed.

The Charter Commission decided to table any changes to those sections for now and return to them in an unspecified future meeting.

Posted by: Mike Hoey