Crime Victim Notification Partnership

The Michigan Crime Victim Services Commission has partnered with the Michigan Sheriff’s Association to bring Michigan Sheriff Offices the Michigan Crime Victim Notification Network, MCVNN. This service assists Michigan Sheriff’s in fulfilling the statutory obligation to notify victims of the custody status of an offender in jail, to include contacting the victim when the offender is released from jail.


Through the Marquette County Jail Booking system, the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office is compliant with the statute through the MCVNN system. Victims of crimes, where the alleged offender is currently in the Marquette County Jail, can register with the system by calling MCVNN at 1-800-770-7657 or through the internet at Victims registering with the system using the toll free number must follow the directions of the automated system to the end of the message. Users might find the internet registration to be the easiest.


“We encourage the public to use the MCVNN service and ask they not call our jail for offender information” advises Marquette County Sheriff Mike Lovelace. “Our Corrections Officers are cautious about releasing any offender information over the phone.  MCVNN is a free service to the public and is one example of how technology provides support to the judicial system and the public we serve.” Lovelace notes.