Benishek on State of the Union Address

There’s been plenty of talk today about President Obama’s third State of the Union address to Congress last night.

The speech focused heavily on the importance of American manufacturing to create a sturdy economy.

But what does that mean for Upper Michigan?

Congressman Dan Benishek said that there was no doubt that the President has good ideas; however, he has some lingering concerns.

He singled out the EPA, claiming its regulations are hampering power plants in the U.P. and hampering the area’s industrial potential.

Benishek also said that while he’s in favor of some of the President’s proposals, he feels there’s a long way to go in getting them done.

The congressman is especially in favor of working to lower the taxing of manufacturing to help promote legal immigration, as well as moving forward on plans to help lower the cost of college tuition.

Posted by: Mike Hoey