Kids Count Survey

The numbers for the 2011 Kids Count in Michigan survey has been released.

And this morning, a panel of experts met with organizations from the community to discuss what the numbers mean and what’s in store for these kids in the future.

The numbers this year have raised some concern.

The biggest areas making a splash are the increase in abused and neglected children and the number of Upper Michigan children living in poverty.

Margaret Olesnavage of the U.P. Children’s Coalition says one out of every five U.P. kids lives in poverty, and she says that alone should spur people into action.

Even though that’s obviously not what the group wanted to see, there’s still some positive news.

Olesnavage says she was please to have people attending who represented a wide range of organizations and interests, from the Girl Scouts to the Great Lakes Center for Youth Development to schools to courts to the Michigan Department of Human Services.

If you’d like to more information about how Michigan and the U.P. stacked up in other areas, you can get it online here.

Posted by: Mike Hoey