Keweenaw Cougar Becomes Comic Strip Character

The appearance of a cougar on trail cameras this past fall has made something of a folk hero out of the cat.

He’s not quite on the ‘A’ list, but the Keweenaw cougar is fast becoming a national celebrity.

Captured on multiple trail cameras since his first appearance last fall, the cougar, nicknamed Trekker, has now been spotted in a cartoon series penned by award–winning cartoonist Drew Aquilina.

Aquilina is best known for his Green Pieces cartoon, which uses humorous themes to address environmental issues.

He says the story about our cougar caught his attention, and he thought he would make a perfect character for a comic strip.

The first cartoon is already penned, and Trekker is well on his way to stardom.

Aquilina said he could see the cougar’s potential as a cartoon character right away.

You can see the first installment of Green Pieces featuring Trekker on our Keweenaw Report Facebook page and Aquilina’s other cartoons here.