Pre-Trial Hearings in ATM Break-In Case

It was another day in court for two young men in Houghton County facing felony charges in connection with a crime that occurred two months ago.

Two suspects charged with attempting to break into an ATM at Miners State Bank in South Range are seeing the cases against them go in different directions.

18–year–old Paden Rothenberger and 20–year–old Gordon Lewis both appeared in Houghton County Circuit Court today for pre–trial hearings.

Rothenberger had previously agreed to testify against his alleged partner in exchange for a plea bargain.

He’s also charged with attempting to break into the Superior National Bank in Chassell.

The prosecution said the two sides are close to a resolution on the charges against Rothenberger and indicated a new plea hearing would be requested within the next month.

The case against Lewis, however, is headed to trial.

Lewis stated through his attorney that he would like to request a bench trial on the attempted safebreaking charge.

Lewis is also charged with breaking into a locker at Michigan Tech’s Student Development Center.

That case is scheduled for a trial by jury.

The dates of the trials had not been set.