Unclaimed Remains from Downstate Rest Home

The unclaimed remains of nearly 70 people have been found in a now-closed funeral home in downstate Roseville.

The Roseville Police and the state’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs want to find the families of those deceased people.

The state shut down the Buehler Funeral Home in Roseville in April, revoking the home’s mortuary license.

Its owners were later convicted of 37 counts of violating funeral contract rules.

During the investigation, the Roseville Police found the cremated remains of 68 people at the funeral home.

The deceased people have all been identified, and the police have the remains in their possession while they and the state are trying to contact next of kin.

Family members who wish to claim the remains, or anyone with information about the deceased, are urged to call the Roseville Police within 15 days.

Remains that are unclaimed by November 4th will be buried in a cemetery in Clinton Township.

The names and date of death of the decedents are:

Allar, Timothy 01/04/99

Mach, Betty 05/17/02

Armally, Marjorie 04/24/95

Mackerzak, Dolores 5/1/08

Arndt, Florence 06/30/01

Maior, David 01/06/98

Atkins, Joan 01/04/08

Majewsky, Thelma 07/20/99

Boden, Frederick 04/19/02

Maykuth, Katherine 08/28/83

Borawski, Phillip 02/11/06

McKee, Pamela 12/01/03

Borton, Florence 11/14/00

Mendicki, Cynthia 05/09/05

Briggs, Gertrude 10/21/00

Miller, Shirley 5/25/03

Carbone, Janice 02/15/05

Mittag, Katherine 11/17/03

Croucher, Dorothy 12/29/98

Morse, Lenora 05/17/92

Devine, Margaret 11/21/90

Mrava, Anna 10/22/97

Dinello, Crescenzo 11/27/98

Mucha, Josephine 09/18/98

Eppley, Lenora 03/09/98

Navarre, Grace 10/17/08

Flint Jr, George 08/14/70

Novoselsky, Sylvia 06/10/02

Gellert, Edward 01/28/95

O’Keefe, Jerome 10/22/02

Gill, Viola 02/16/02

Owens, Leona 04/23/93

Glass, Emily 01/14/94

Palmer, Joseph 10/8/08

Golanski, Lenore 07/13/99

Peterson, William 07/06/99

Granowicz, Thomas 06/27/84

Porter, Enloa-Gaye 10/10/04

Green, Wanda 08/09/06

Potter, Howard 01/24/07

Haszyczyc, Vladimir 05/21/04

Rachman, Otto 09/28/94

Hayes, Ralph 06/10/97

Reinhold, Robert 07/21/07

Holtzman, Walter 06/04/07

Samke, John 03/31/78

Howard, Steven 01/04/49

Schrock, Beverly 08/02/05

Iciejewski, Dyonzia 01/14/99

Smith, Marvin 01/23/94

Jewart, Melvin 03/15/84

Spilos, Juanita 05/21/95

Johnston, Archibald 1/6/98

Stahlberg, Mary 02/12/07

Kiley, Anna 01/15/92

Stearns, Evelyn 09/01/02

Kiley, Edmund 04/19/96

Stuyvenberg, Bernard 01/18/04

Kosak, Eugene 02/04/05

Sypitkowski, Aloysius 05/04/93

Larocca, Dorothy 3/9/05

Taylor, Lyle 04/29/82

Leeman, Abigail 04/21/95

Webb, Edna 08/26/93

Levens, Virginia 06/19/06

Wicenciuk, Loretta 06/13/01

Lewandowski, Stephen 03/10/03

Yost, Carl 04/01/76