Superior Dome to host 8-man State Football Championship

The Superior Dome, home to the N–M–U Wildcat football team, has hosted a number of big time football games. The Dome can now add another \”big game\” to its schedule this season.

It was announced today that the superior dome has been selected by the Michigan High School Athletic Association to host the 2011 8–man State Football Championship Game.
Now this isn\’t the first time that the superior dome has hosted a state football championship.

The Dome was the home of State Championship action games until they were moved to Pontiac to be played at the Silverdome, and then recently to downtown Detroit at Ford Field.

THE 8–man football championship game will take place on Friday, November 18th at 7 pm. It will be broadcast live on T.V.

According to M–H–S–A–A Executive Director Jack Roberts, the Superior Dome is very likely to host an 11–man state semifinal game or two, the day after the 8–man football championship.