Marquette City Commission Meets on Charter

The Marquette City Commission gathered this morning for a special meeting to determine the fate of a half–century-old document.

It’s the city charter.

A charter review group presented a recommendation to the city commission.

Some of the reasons behind possible changes to the charter are to adjust the fiscal year calendar with those on the state and federal level, to update antiquated legal jargon into easier–to–understand wording, and to rid the charter of out–of–date and out–of–fashion laws.

Some of those outdated laws govern topics like where residents can hitch horses outside of restaurants.

The commission passed a motion to put the issue to the public and let residents decide the issue.

The measure will be on the November ballot — voters will decide if the charter will be revised.

Those who would like to be involved on the charter commission must have their nomination packets and signatures turned by august 16th.