NMU All-Class Reunion

Generally, summer is a time to leave school and go on vacation.

However, starting tomorrow, the city of Marquette and campus of Northern Michigan University will be seeing some familiar faces.

Tomorrow kicks off the 1st annual NMU All–Alumni Reunion.

The event will give former students and their families a chance to come back and visit the old alma mater and see what summer in the U.P. can offer.

Brad Hamel, the assistant director of the NMU Alumni Association, says more than 200 families and 500 individuals have registered to make the journey back to yesteryear and visit their Wildcat roots for the three-day celebration.

The reunion will last through Saturday.

It features such events as a pig roast, campus and downtown Marquette tours, as well as a free concert at Lakeview Arena Friday night at 6:30 put on by Jeff Daniels.

Registration is still going on and is open to any NMU alumni.

For more information you can visit here.