2011 Big Bay Relay Results

Marquette, MI- May 14, 2011 was the setting for the 35th Annual Big Bay
Relay. Twenty-nice teams signed up and participated in the relay. Teams
started the event at 8:00 am, in a staggered fashion until 8:56 am. The
traditional course was traveled along County Road 550 from the River Sports Complex in Marquette to Perkins Park in Big Bay. All teams ran a 26 mile course, exchanging and alternating runners at each designated mile marker.

Teams traveled from as far away as Wisconsin to compete in this traditional event. The fastest team was in the Male Division, Mqt 4×4 Offroad Club with a time of 2:30:17.5. Male Division Team, Cherrios, crossed the finish line first with a time of 2:53:11.4.

The Noquemanon Trail Network was the host for the event. Proceeds raised during the race will go towards the maintenance and promotion of
single-track trails (running, hiking, and mountain biking trails) in
Marquette County. Johnson’s Superior Shoes and Jimmy John’s of Marquette sponsored the event.

The organizers would like to thank all participants and especially Marquette
County Sheriff’s Department and Cram\’s General Store in Big Bay for their
support. Marquette County Sheriffs Deputy, Dean Rushford worked with race organizers to find a way to make the road race safe and with the help of Crams General Store as the main sponsor all teams wore a reflective safety belt. The reflective belt was used as the relay \”baton\” passed to each racer as they ran their relay portion. Thank you also to the City of Marquette and Perkins Park for hosting the start and finish areas. This years race was a great success.