Ishpeming & Calumet Pamida Stores Closed

Local discount shopping is in for a few changes.

The Ishpeming and Calumet Pamida stores are both closed.

They’re being converted into Shopko Hometown stores.

Shopko Hometown is a new concept that Shopko introduced last year in northeast Wisconsin.

Shopko Hometown stores are somewhat smaller than a regular Shopko.

The Hometown stores have about 70 percent of the merchandise of a full store.

No employees in Ishpeming or Calumet are being laid off.

They still have the same jobs they had when the stores closed, and they’ll continue to have them after the switch is completed in early July.

The pharmacies and garden departments of both stores aren’t closing at all.

Sun Capital Partners, a Florida investment firm, owns both Pamida and Shopko.