MAPS Offers Superintendent Job to Veiht

The extensive search and weekend-long interview process for the new Marquette school superintendent is over.

The board is entering contract negotiations with Deborah Veiht.

Board members spent over two hours Saturday debating who they thought would be best for the job.

After trying a ballot three times, the board finally came to a 6-to-1 vote in favor of Veiht.

Most members of the board, as well as some teachers in the audience, were happy with the final decision and looking forward to changes that may be in the future.

Karen Bacula, president of the teachers’ union — the Marquette Area Education Association — says she and the other teachers already have a familiarity and comfort level with Veiht that will help once the district can reach an agreement on a contract with her.

Veiht has been interim superintendent since Jon Hartwig’s resignation last November.

She had been assistant superintendent prior to receiving the interim top job.