AAA: Marquette Gas Cheapest in MI

Good news on the local gas front.

The pain at the pump has eased by up to 30 cents in some areas.

For the first time since February, gas prices are down this week.

Nationally the price of gas has dropped from $3.98 a gallon to $3.96.

In Michigan, AAA reports the statewide average is down from the record highs to $4.14 a gallon.

That’s a three-cent drop from yesterday and two cents off what we were paying a week ago.

A month ago, gas was averaging $3.85.

The lowest gas prices in the state among the areas AAA surveys are — for a change — in the Marquette area.

The survey from the early-morning pre-dawn hours today came up with an average of $4.07.

However, many stations were selling regular self–serve fuel at $3.99 or $3.98 today.

The highest gas prices are in Benton Harbor where gas is just under $4.20.

AAA Michigan surveys 2,800 gas stations in the state daily.