Prescription for a Healthy Bottom Line

The future of the U.P. is in the job market, and much of the job market is tied into medical care.

$70 million to $80 million in health care revenue is being lost each year in the Upper Peninsula.

That happens when people leave the U.P. for health care.

But there is an effort underway to keep that revenue in Upper Michigan.

The ‘Prescription for a Healthy Bottom Line’ forum in Marquette today looked at how geography drives health care costs.

More than 50 people in health care attended.

One local physician spoke for many, saying there are quite a few medical specialties that are difficult to impossible to find in the U.P. and if you need a specialist in one of those areas, you likely have no choice but to leave.

However, in others like cardiac care or orthopedics the U.P. does have high-quality specialists to help you.

More than 12,000 people work in health care in the U.P.

That adds up to a $589 million payroll and a $739 million economic impact.

Keeping medical services close to home, keeps that money and those jobs in the area.

The symposium was sponsored by the Lake Superior Community Partnership, the U.P. Health Care Roundtable, Michigan Works! and the Upward Initiative.