MI Gas Prices Spike 8 Cents Overnight

And it’ll cost more to have emergency vehicles on the road.

Gas prices are rising by leaps and bounds.

Across the central U.P. today, a common sight was a $3.44 price for a gallon.

If you are running a high grade, you’ll pay about 20 cents to a quarter more.

Economists say growing unrest in Libya and other parts of the Middle East may continue to push gas prices to the $4 mark.

Nationally, the price of gas has steadily increased over the past week, settling in at about $3.19 a gallon today.

The average cost in Michigan has jumped from $3.24 yesterday to $3.32 today.

The lowest gas prices in the state are in Jackson at just under $3.20 a gallon.

The highest prices among the areas AAA surveys aren’t in Marquette this time, like they usually are.

They’re in the Lansing/East Lansing area at an average of $3.37.

AAA Michigan surveys 2,800 gas stations in the state every day.