President Obama Coming to Marquette

Yes, what you may have heard this afternoon is true — President Barack Obama is coming to the U.P.

His visit to Marquette next Thursday will focus on his initiative to extend next–generation wireless Internet service to rural areas.

And his staffers say Northern Michigan University with its WiMax network is a shining example of that goal.

NMU communications and marketing director Cindy Paavola says she’s proud the WiMax effort is being recognized, especially in light of the bad national PR that the state of Michigan and its economy have had in the past few years.

You may remember that the president spoke about technology during the State of the Union address last week.

He says he wants to see businesses also be able to access better broadband access.

Businesspeople like Marquette Comfort Suites general manager Brian Jensen say they welcome all the attention, too.

As you might expect, security for the president’s visit will be tight, especially in light of the events on campus and in the Marquette area on Wednesday.

Final preparations on the specifics of the visit are still underway.