Dems, GOP Respond to Obama Visit

And local political leaders are, just like the rest of the community, very excited about President Obama’s visit.

Details of the President’s itinerary are still unclear for the security reasons we just mentioned.

We spoke with Marquette County representatives from both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

And they’re both eager to listen to him.

Marquette County Democratic Chair Ben Bohnsack says he’s thrilled the President is making the trip and hopes as many local Democrats can be on hand as possible.

County Republican Chair Dan Adamini says he wants to be there, too, and he hopes President Obama gives the community a chance to listen to him speak like President Bush did.

President George W. Bush visited the Superior Dome in Marquette during his 2004 campaign.

Adamini says with President Obama’s often–stated commitment to new jobs, he hopes the President addresses the Kennecott Eagle Mine and the EPA while he’s here.