Tribute Reception for Bart & Laurie Stupak

The U.P.’s longtime voice in Congress no longer has that role.

But supporters from around the u–p don’t want to forget about either Bart Stupak or his wife Laurie and what they’ve meant to the region over the years.

The Marquette County Democratic Party is getting together with other county Democratic parties around the U.P. to organize a tribute reception at NMU on February 26th.

It’s in honor of the public service careers of Bart and Laurie.

A lot of people forget that Laurie Stupak was Menominee’s mayor at one time.

Bart Stupak’s former district director, Tom Baldini, says he actually had been expecting the Congressman to retire from Washington in early 2009 instead of this month.

Michigan’s 1st congressional district is huge, Stupak spent most weekends traveling all around it and Baldini says that rigorous schedule would be exhausting for anyone.

But he says Stupak was dedicated to Great Lakes protection, economic development and health care reform.

After the health care bill passed, Stupak said he felt the main mission he wanted to address in Congress from 1993 onward had been accomplished.

Admission is $20 dollars for students, $25 for the general public.

You can RSVP for it online here or call 362-4839 for more information.