Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Throughout the winter, we’re all obviously trying to keep our homes and apartments as warm as possible.

But that also makes us susceptible to a deadly gas.

On average, about 170 people in the U.S. die every year from carbon monoxide.

The most famous person to have died from carbon monoxide poisoning in recent years may have been former tennis pro and Australian Open champion Vitas Gerulaitis.

The deadly gas can be produced by malfunctioning fuel burning appliances.

To help alleviate your likelihood of carbon monoxide poisoning,

fire departments recommend special detectors that have a digital readout on the amount of CO in a room.

Marquette city fire inspector Paul Enrietti says because carbon monoxide is undetectable to the human senses, we may be exposing ourselves to CO without knowing it.

But the key sign is multiple people experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Enrietti also says just like smoke detectors, a carbon monoxide detector is something every household should have.