Baby Boomers and Beyond

A Marquette event dedicated to showing off the resources of the area aimed at older people returns for a second go–round.

The Marquette County YMCA hosted the return of its Baby Boomers and Beyond Expo.

It was aimed at people born in 1964 — which the Census Bureau considers the cutoff of the baby boom generation — and earlier.

Between vendors and guests, more than 200 people showed up.

Until last year, the Marquette area didn’t have a large–scale expo for older residents.

And it stood out as a need in an area that lots of people are choosing for their retirements.

Jenna Zdunek, the ‘Y’s health and wellness director, says it’s great to have a companion event to the annual U.P. Senior Expo in Escanaba and the goal is to keep it going every year.

The Marquette Community Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Association joined the ‘Y’ in co–sponsoring the expo.