MI Supreme Court Justice Campaigns

On the political front, a justice on the Michigan Supreme Court wants to make sure the court continues to have a northern Michigan voice.

Alton Davis was appointed to the court in August to take over for a justice who resigned.

He’s originally from Petoskey, and he’s spent most of his adult life in Grayling.

But he’s lived in the U.P. as well.

Between getting his undergrad degree from college and going to law school, he taught high school in Rudyard for two years.

Justice Davis claims to have more experience than anyone else running.

He says he’s seen what happens when justices don’t rule on cases strictly on their merits.

Davis says during the Engler administration, the court had several justices who in his opinion were aiming to change some state laws to suit their own agendas.

He says those justices ruled on cases accordingly rather than keeping the people of Michigan in mind.

Davis is up for re-election in 2 weeks.

At election time, Michigan judicial races are always printed on the back of the ballot.

Davis says 30% of voters completely miss those races by not flipping the ballot over.