Founders Landing Hotel Construction

It’s at least 2 years in the making.

But developers are starting to build a hotel on a portion of Marquette’s Founders Landing.

Tim and Randy Larson, the owners of the Ramada and Holiday Inn hotels in Marquette, held a groundbreaking ceremony this morning.

The new hotel will create 30 jobs, 25 of them full–time.

Public access to the water will remain.

Randy Larson says he’s excited that they’re digging up the parcel of land.

He says the hotel should be open by July 4th of next year.

Foundation work will start next week.

Then the building will go up, starting in August.

The goal is to make Founders Landing a destination that anyone visiting Marquette will want to see, with restaurants, shops and apartments besides the hotel.

The Larsons are talking with Hampton Inn Hotels to make this the U.P.’s first Hampton Inn property.

But they haven’t reached an agreement with the company yet.