Belated 4th of July Fireworks

With a lot of rain last weekend, some communities still have their 4th of July fireworks to look forward to.

Munising and Gladstone both have theirs tonight.

Negaunee’s are tomorrow night, as part of Pioneer Days.

So are Big Bay’s, as part of Fire on the Bay.

Negaunee’s fireworks committee started setting up on Wednesday.

Crews spent several hours that night putting the barge together and bringing it to the lake.

Today, they’ve been preparing the barge all day for the shelves that the fireworks will be placed on.

They had some trouble with one of the pontoons the barge floats on.

But they were able to fix it and stay on schedule.

Negaunee’s fireworks start a little after 10:30 tomorrow night.

They start at that time so miners who work the second shift can see the pyrotechnics on their drive home from work.