2.9% Tuition Hike Likely for NMU

The July meeting of Northern Michigan University’s Board of Trustees is usually its most-watched meeting of the year.

It’s when the board sets tuition rates for the following year.

They haven’t made it official yet, but most of the board members have given a good idea of what to expect.

Tomorrow morning, the board’s Finance Committee will be recommending a 2.9% tuition increase.

That represents $205 more per semester for a full-time undergrad who lives in Michigan, or $410 for the year.

But nearly half of that amount will be offset by stimulus money that the school is applying as a credit to every student’s bill.

The committee is also recommending a $28 increase per credit hour for grad students, and an increase for non-Michigan-resident undergrads.

None of this is official yet.

The full board still has to vote tomorrow morning on what it wants to do.

ABC 10 News Now senior reporter Mike Hoey will be there, and he’ll have more on this story tomorrow night.