Marquette Township Business Expansion

Business in Marquette Township seems to be growing, bucking the trend across the state of a stagnant economy.

The Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant that’s been under construction for months will open for business at noon on Sunday.

The employees are wrapping up their last few bits of training.

General manager Jacob Miller says they’ve hired 105 people and are looking for more.

But along with new development, old buildings are being re-used.

The former Fazoli’s restaurant, which closed in late 2008, will soon be the home of a new Subway.

North Country Motors’ old building will be re-used for the home of Lease Auto.

Township Manager Randy Girard says this is a busy and exciting time, and he’s hopeful the business expansion will mean not just jobs, but people moving into the township to be close to those jobs as well.

Buffalo Wild Wings will be open from noon to midnight on Sundays, 11am to 1am Monday through Thursday and 11am to 2am Fridays and Saturdays.

Other popular national chain stores are planned, like a Best Buy on US-41 near Lowes.