Lansing Mayor Tours U.P.

All seven candidates for governor were on Mackinac Island for a two-hour debate.

The five Republicans and two Democrats sparred over topics ranging from a second bridge to Canada to taxes and drilling in the Great Lakes.

One of the Democrats in the race is deeply concerned about the job market.

Lansing Mayor Virgil Bernero made several campaign stops across the U.P. today and has several more tomorrow.

In between those stops, he visited us at ABC 10 News Now today.

He also talked about the potential of the Pure Michigan advertising campaign.

Bernero thinks Pure Michigan will continue to bring in a substantial return in tourist spending and tax revenue if the state can commit to continued spending on the ads.

One of the hot-button issues in the governor’s race is the possibility of raising the gas tax to generate more funding for roads.

All seven candidates oppose that idea.