Michigan Tech Remembers MLK

College students around the U.P. celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. today by sharing how much the civil rights activist and his famous words mean to them.

At Michigan Tech, a big crowd gathered in the snow outside the Memorial Union Building to hear King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech re-enacted by Gregory Hardy, a member of Michigan Tech’s Black Student Association.

It also included a candlelight vigil and peace march.

Interim African-American Outreach Coordinator Kevin Walker and MTU Black Student Union vice-president Talisha Sutton both want people to remember what Dr. King stood for — equal opportunity for all Americans, regardless of race or social status.

Michigan Tech is celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. throughout the week with several more events.

Wednesday, there’ll be a King-themed blood drive on campus.

Saturday night is a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration and banquet.