State Police Form U.P. Homeland Security Team

The U.P. will soon have a State Police homeland security team in place to handle traffic and crime issues.

A sergeant and 5 troopers from the 13 U.P. posts will make up the team.

It’ll form shortly after New Year’s.

Capt. Myles McCormack is the State Police’s U.P. district commander.

He says the new team won’t just assist the posts.

It’ll also be available to help out all 15 U.P. county sheriff’s departments, as well as local agencies, with problems that need extra attention.

$6.6 million from the stimulus bill will fund not only this team, but 2 more elsewhere in Michigan.

As we recently reported on UGN News, the State Police also received stimulus money to bring laid-off troopers back to work.

8 of the 9 troopers recalled back to U.P. posts will return to their jobs on January 11th, the Monday after next.