Why Are Some Schools More Affected By Flu Than Others?

Even though quite a few school districts have been shut down by flu, quite a few more seem to have been spared for now.

So why is that?

The Marquette Area Public Schools are one of the districts that haven’t shut down.

Superintendent Jon Hartwig says Marquette being spared may have something to do with how spread out the district’s kids are.

He thinks that has more to do with it than any preparation they’ve done does.

Hartwig says he doesn’t think the districts that have had to close have had any failure to prepare, either.

He says a lot of what goes into who’s sick enough to close, and who’s healthy, can be chalked up to plain old luck.

Some U.P. parochial schools have been shut down by flu concern as well.

Holy Name School in Escanaba and St. Francis de Sales School in Manistique are both closed until Monday.