Flu Shuts Down More U.P. Schools

More schools are closing because of suspected swine flu cases, and from parents keeping their kids out of school out of concern they might get sick.

The Escanaba Area Public Schools have been closed today, and they’re closed tomorrow too.

The Big Bay de Noc School in Cooks is closed tomorrow.

And Pelkie Elementary in Pelkie closed yesterday for the rest of the week.

Meanwhile, districts that are already shut down are busy cleaning up.

The NICE Community Schools in Ishpeming township started doing it yesterday so they can re-open on Monday.

Ishpeming city schools got started today.

Superintendent Dr. Stephen Piereson tells us bus drivers have washed out their buses by now.

And they’ve applied a virucide to the interiors to kill any flu that does get in.

He says in the buildings, custodial staff did today what they normally do to clean hard surfaces, classrooms and locker rooms.

They’re thoroughly disinfecting everything tomorrow and Monday.

But Ishpeming school officials were unable to meet with us today so we could see what’s going on there.

They say they should be able to tomorrow.

So we’ll have more about this for you on UGN News tomorrow night at 5:30, 10 and 11.