State Lawmakers Resume Working on Budget

Michigan lawmakers are back in Lansing today, working once again on a budget for 2010.

Both the House and Senate are back in session, and Ishpeming State Senator Mike Prusi says they have a tough road ahead of them.

Prusi says he believes there are other ways besides a general tax increase to come up with enough money to prevent cuts.

He says he’s especially is interested in reducing spending.

With the temporary budget in place, state lawmakers have until midnight Halloween night to pass a budget for fiscal 2010.

Marquette State Rep Steve Lindberg says it’ll be a hectic next couple of weeks, with a lot of difficult choices being made.

The delay in getting the budget in place is hurting many, like schools.

The state Department of Education says it can’t send out any federal funds to school districts for things like special education or meal programs until the budget is finalized.