MTU-NMU-MSU Agreement May Send U.P. More Doctors

Michigan State University, Michigan Tech and NMU reach an agreement that should benefit not only U.P. college students, but the health of the whole region.

It’s an early-assurance program for pre-med students at NMU and Michigan Tech.

The early assurance is just that.

It reserves 6 slots in MSU’s College of Human Medicine for NMU and Tech students before the beginning of the students’ senior year.

The program gives preference to students who are the first generation in their families to attend college, or who graduated from low-income high schools.

But it doesn’t just do that.

It also benefits the U.P.’s health.

The U.P. is generally underserved with physician care.

But with the help of the program, more doctors may look to the U.P. as an area in which they’d like to work.

MSU’s medical school receives more than 5,000 applications every year and only accepts 200 of those students.