Negaunee School Renovations

Negaunee’s middle and high school are seeing some changes this school year.

A new gymnasium is in the works for the middle school.

That, and an expansion of the high school auditorium, are expected to be finished by December 1st.

The work is estimated to cost Negaunee taxpayers $4.2 million.

Lakeview School will have a classroom expansion as part of that.

Superintendent Jim Derocher believes the additions won’t just help out the schools, but everyone in the community, because of the wide range of community uses the school facilities also have.

He says the high school auditorium is a good example of that.

The new one will seat 550 people, nearly twice the size of the old one.

The middle school’s gymnasium will enable more practice space in the wintertime for girls’ and boys’ sports, while providing an educational advantage as well.

The projects may pose a parking issue, but Derocher says St. Paul Catholic Church is allowing faculty to park on their property.

High school teachers have also already planned out a strategy to help the parking situation.