Woman From Poverty-Jail Case Back in Jail

A Delta County woman sent to jail 6 months ago for contempt of court, claiming it was because she was poor, is now back in jail on the same charge.

44-year-old Edwina Nowlin of Gladstone couldn’t afford to pay a $104-per-month bill for her son to be held at the Bay Pines Juvenile Center.

In early March, a judge found her in contempt of court and sent her to jail.

The ACLU of Michigan stepped in, and they helped get Nowlin released on one condition.

She couldn’t cash any payroll or tax refund checks without checking in at the courthouse first.

But without telling the court, she cashed an income tax refund check for $6,000 and spent the money.

So she’s been sent back to jail for 90 days.