Bay College Classes Start with Higher Enrollment

Students at one of the U.P.’s colleges are back in the classroom starting today.

The new year is underway at Bay College.

And the school is seeing a major increase in enrollment.

The community college has a record number of students.

At the main campus in Escanaba, enrollment is up 12%.

It’s up 19% at the West Campus in Iron Mountain.

That makes twice as many students on the West Campus this fall as there were when it opened 2 years ago.

The school is offering a brand-new hospitality management program this year.

Another new offering that’s proving popular is a college success course, helping students transition to college and learn time and stress management.

Bay President Dr. Laura Coleman says the goal is to improve access to higher education.

She also says online classes are becoming more and more popular.

Despite having more students, Bay College has raised tuition and streamlined resources this year.

It’s an attempt to offset state budget cuts.