Bay Cliff Trek Update

The last time we checked in with the Bay Cliff camper who made a long trek in his wheelchair to raise money for the camp, donations were still coming in.

They still are.

His dramatic example is still inspiring others to act.

During our recent hiatus where our news left the air for nearly a month, we met 14-year-old Gene Fletcher of Nahma.

He gets around in a wheelchair…and does he ever get around!

He made his wheelchair journey from Rapid River to the camp in Big Bay a few weeks ago.

And it’s brought in a lot more money than he was hoping for.

Bay Cliff Director Tim Bennett says a person living somewhere in the U.P. recently contacted him and was so moved by Gene’s efforts that the person offered a dollar-for-dollar match of all the donations he collected.

Bennett says the new benefactor wants to remain anonymous.

The more than 80-mile trek was Gene’s idea.

He’s raised more than $27,000.

With the one-to-one match, it comes out to about $55,000.

Gene says he’s not sure what he’ll eventually do, but he still wants to do something else big in another year or so to raise more money.

He’s the first person to ever raise funds for Bay Cliff while being a currently active camper there.