ABC 10 Program Note

This is UGN News Director Mike Hoey, and we at ABC 10 have a program note for you.

As you may already know, we’re in the process right now of moving to the former Miracle Market building in Ishpeming.

With all ABC network programming going to high definition starting next Tuesday, and with the digital TV transition happening 2 weeks from now, we thought this would be a good opportunity to address those changes in 1 shot as part of our move.

Most of the equipment that keeps us on the air from here in the Marquette Mall needs to be moved there.

But for those things to be moved, they need to be dismantled first.

Unfortunately, it means we have to go off the air while that happens.

ABC 10 will be leaving the air Monday morning, right after the conclusion of Good Morning America.

We’ll be moving our equipment to Ishpeming at that time.

We’re expecting it’ll take 2 days to move there, hook everything back up and make sure it all works.

We should have UGN News back on the air, from Ishpeming, next Thursday at 5:30.