Summer Paving Limited with Budget Crunch

The summer construction season is well underway, and while some kinds of area road projects won’t be hit by a tight budget, others are being scaled back.

The Marquette County Road Commission just began several projects.

County Road 492, Wright Street and Werner Street in Marquette Township are all in the early stages of construction right now.

There are some lane or street closures with each of those.

There won’t be as much paving done this summer as in the past because of asphalt prices going up.

Road Commission engineer/manager Jim Iwanicki was worried they’d have to cut back on regular maintenance this summer because of going way over budget this winter on snow removal.

But that won’t be needed.

Fortunately, the snowfall didn’t come as quickly in the later part of the winter.

The Road Commission is also waiting on the stimulus money that would allow them to start work on County Road 557.

That project should start in late August or early September.