The UP and Coming Trend, Part 3

In the U.P., the combination of unhealthy eating habits and a lack of physical activity is staring residents in the face.

But there are some groups trying to fight the obesity epidemic by offering healthier lifestyle choices.

In the final part of her series, ‘The UP and Coming Trend’, ABC 10’s Kristina Kuestner looks into local groups with exercise options for all ages.

Obesity…it’s a term we’re all aware of.

But some in the area are trying to change that a small step at a time.

The YMCA’s new 12-week Health Seekers program had nearly 100 people seeking a healthier lifestyle through an exercise regimen and nutritional coaching.

Marquette County YMCA Member Services Director Cari Detmerst says this was the first year for Health Seekers.

And based on the results, the program is a success.

With studies showing an important for physical activity for all ages, groups are trying to reinforce a healthier lifestyle on younger audiences as well.

Bill Thompson of Marquette’s Down Wind Sports

With their free year-round programs for kids age 9 through 14 — including their anticipated summer youth mountain-biking team — they hope to spark an interest in the sport that will last through the years.

Thompson says the more biking you do, the better cardiovascular shape you’re in, and with the landscape of the U.P., this is a great place to do it.

With the diverse range of programs for all ages, the results are the same — more energy for whatever you do, and less stress.