Vets’ Service Officer from ‘Lest We Forget’ Loses His Job

We’re also following the effects the state budget crisis is having on veterans, among others.

Earlier this week, ABC 10 learned how one of Michigan’s 11 veterans’ groups will deal with a huge funding cut.

The Disabled American Veterans are, first, cutting their service officers’ hours, and then laying them off.

It now appears other organizations are following suit.

You may remember Rick Stewart from a couple of weeks ago.

He’s a veteran service officer for the American Legion.

And he was one of the people ABC 10’s Mike Hoey spoke with for his ‘Lest We Forget’ series.

He and the Legion’s other service officers in Michigan are being laid off indefinitely this weekend.

Stewart says it’s a shock and a disappointment after 7 years on the job.

He also says the layoffs don’t end with the service officers.

Many other Legion employees are being laid off as well.