Building Up To A Big Weekend

The insides of the Superior Dome on the NMU campus are already being set up for the huge annual U.P. Builders Show.

The show is this weekend.

It provides 1-stop shopping for building projects, from banks that can provide financing to builders and subcontractors.

With President Obama’s stimulus package now signed into law, there are hopes the show will create extra incentive for area residents to get building.

When we last spoke with Greg Dix of the U.P. Builders Association a week and a half ago, the show already had 140 vendors lined up.

That’s already a healthy number by their standards, but some more wanted to get involved at the 11th hour.

Dix says there are now 153 exhibitors coming from all over the U.P. to show what they can do.

The Builders Show runs from 5 to 9 on Friday, 10 to 8 Saturday and 11 to 5 Sunday.