Prosecutor Candidate Asks for Recount

Just when we thought we heard the last of Election Day, one of the candidates for a Marquette-County-wide office is asking for a recount.

Cathy Church is a former county assistant prosecutor who specialized in domestic violence cases.

She lost a race for the top job to incumbent Gary Walker.

Church says she personally knows of 2 people in Sands Township who did not have their votes counted.

She wants to see if there are more.

There have been nationwide issues going back to at least 2000 with optical-scan voting machines.

The only way to audit them after the fact is with a recount from a county Board of Canvassers.

With an 1,800-vote margin against her, Church says she knows it’s highly unlikely at best that the result would change.

She says she wants to make sure every vote gets to count.