New ‘Support Our Troops’ Plate

There’s a new way to help out those currently in the military the next time your license plate is up for renewal.

The Secretary of State’s office thought the week of Veterans’ Day would be a good time to start it.

It’s the ‘Support Our Troops’ plate.

It costs $35, the same as the other kinds of fundraising plates, like the college plates or the one for the USOEC.

Out of the $35, 25 of them are donated to ‘Support Our Troops’.

That’s a Florida-based nonprofit charity dedicated to helping military personnel and their families.

If one of the plates gets renewed, $10 goes to the cause.

Like the other special-cause license plates, the ‘Support Our Troops’ plate can only be bought for ordinary passenger vehicles and motor homes.

Motorcycles, trailers and commercial vehicles can’t use them.