There are still a lot of lingering questions about the Kennecott Eagle mine.

Federal officials hope an open house will help answer some of them.

The Environmental Protection Agency is hosting the open house at the Marquette Holiday Inn.

It’s about how the EPA will oversee what Kennecott does to dispose of wastewater from the mine.

Many local residents are curious, and some state lawmakers are, too, like state rep Steve Lindberg, who was on hand for one of the sessions.

The first session took place this morning.

There was another this afternoon, and the last is from 6 to 9 tonight.

Kennecott plans to treat the mine’s wastewater before re-injecting it into the ground.

The nickel and copper mine is planned for the Yellow Dog Plains in Michigamme, near the Marquette County/Baraga County line.

If it does get built, it would be operating for 7 years.