Kennecott Permits Should Be Decided Soon

The downstate court challenge to Kennecott’s state permits for the Eagle mine is also in its final stages.

Company officials say they’re confident the decision will come out in their favor.

Testimony down in Lansing wrapped up in August.

It had been going on since mid-April.

Both sides made their closing arguments in writing earlier this month.

Tribal and environmental groups are challenging the validity of Kennecott’s DEQ permits.

They’re also challenging the DEQ itself for granting the permits in the first place.

The judge will make a recommendation to the head of the DEQ, who has the final say.

Either side has the right to appeal.

Kennecott can’t start building the mine unless the case is decided in its favor, and unless the EPA grants them a permit for the method they want to use to treat the mine’s wastewater.