Grant Township Clerk Resigns from Position

Grant Township’s clerk has resigned from her position. At a township board meeting last night, Grant Township Clerk, Stacia Lynn, informed the board of her intent to resign from her post. In a letter read before the township, Lyn expressed concerns about the working environment in the office as a reason for her departure.

Given the current circumstances and conditions within this office, I am unable to provide service to the community that this office requires. Along with these conditions and experiences, my background in accounting and ethics does not allow me to blindly complete some of the tasks that have been asked of me. I request that this letter of resignation be accepted and that this meeting be allowed to peacefully continue for the Township Board to conduct normal business, along with my documentation will be sent to both of our fellowship trustees so that they can be aware of the current tasks required on the plate.” – Stacia Lynn, Clerk, Grant Township

Lynn additionally endorsed the idea of having Cheryl Ochodnicky take over the clerk role. Ochdnicky has previous experience working with the Grant Township board and is aware of current conditions. She had recently resigned from the clerk role last February also citing similar issues to that of Lynn when submitting her letter of resignation at that time.

Additional action items by the grant township board included wage increases for the maintenance department. As well as approving a 5000-dollar match portion for an equipment grant for the Lac La Belle Volunteer Fire Department from Copper Shores Community Health Foundation. A last item appointed Sam Raymond as the Grant Township representative with The Nature Conservancy’s Keweenaw Heartlands Advisory Board.