Wildlife Wednesday: Bohemian Waxwings & Mallard Duck

Photo of bohemian waxwings. (Photo courtesty of Jennifer VanHouse Cosco)

Even in the most populous of Upper Peninsula communities there is plenty of wildlife to be found.

Jennifer VanHouse Cosco shares with us some stunning photos of Bohemian Waxwings she spotted fluttering about a berry tree in Chocolay Township.

They sat in the tall pines behind the gas station, a flock of over 100, and swooped down, smaller groups at a time, and landed on the berry tree for just long enough to grab a berry and then took off again,” Jennifer said.

Although she works as a realtor, Jennifer who is a Marquette resident said that in her spare time she enjoys photographing wildlife while on early morning hikes. 

The time outdoors brings me balance and grounds me,” she said. 

Jennifer also captured this magnificent photo of a mallard duck near the Marina in Presque Isle. 

“I had just lost my pup the day before and was feeling low and watching the mallard bathe and preen made me smile,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer has never sold any of her photos but has given a few away as gifts and donated some to non-profit organizations such as the Marquette Regional History Center gift shop. 

“I love wildlife and capturing the moments I experience in photos. I also love sharing them with my friends on Facebook. I hope they put a smile on people’s faces,” she said.

You can view more of Jennifer’s photos on her Instagram page: @jencoscomylens.