Less Than One Week Until the Start of the Lakeshore Drive Demolition and Rehabilitation Project in Houghton

In one week demolition and rehabilitation crews will work side by side; Taking down the Houghton downtown parking deck, and rehabilitating the area along Lakeshore Drive.  The city is spending 3.2 million dollars for both aspects to the project. Using a local contractor to get the job done.

For the past few years, Houghton has been working on plans to tear down the existing Lakeshore Drive parking deck. And the day for the deck to come down, and site re-development will start next week. With crews getting equipment in place, and blocking off traffic on Lakeshore Drive. The parking deck will come down in sections with, rehabilitation work on the street takes place not far behind.

“Starting on the end, say by the Soumi Restaurant or the library. however you want to look at it. They’ll be starting on that end. And they’ll be going up to the , what old timers call the Swift’s Old Warehouse. Where that narrow spot is. Cause it’s actually two different parking decks with a bridge between. They’re telling us four weeks, if they can finish in two per side. They’re gonna finish in two weeks. We’re hoping that they’re gonna over deliver on that promise right now. And when you really get down to it. Once the deck itself is down, then everything gets a lot easier.” – Eric Waara, Houghton City Manager

The city has made plans to divert foot, and vehicle traffic around the project during demolition and construction. With work starting on the east parking deck, vehicles will travel east no further than Huron Street. Cars can park on the west deck during that time as well.

“You’ll be able to drive up to the ambassador slash daily mining gazette area. Actually during the first part you’ll still be able to park under that west deck. But you won’t be able to coming from the other direction. Going west. Basically you won’t go past the Soumi. That area will be, that’s going to be fenced. Cause again , with this type of work, safety is the biggest priority You need to take this down safe, we certainly want people to come and see what’s going on. But there’s going to be fences there’s going to be tape. Those are there for a reason.” – Eric Waara, Houghton City Manager

Houghton City Manager Eric Waara assures that demolition and construction will pause during the upcoming Bridgefest activities. The city will continue coordinating with MJO Contracting on the demolition of the deck and rehabilitation for any updates to the public. Crews will begin placing equipment around the east deck starting next week, before demolition starts the first week of June.