Soo Locks Prepare for Another Navigation Season Opening

The shipping season on the lakes starts back up this Saturday, at 12:01 am. Throughout the season the Soo Locks will see over 7,000 vessels pass through the St. Mary’s River, carrying over 75 million tons of cargo. The Soo Locks play an important role in the state’s and federal economy and security.

“There’s no alternative route for the commodities that traverse the Soo Locks. And 95 percent of the nation’s taconite does go through the Soo Locks. And that entire transportation process within the supply chain is what lends to economic importance nationally. As well as national significance with security.” – LeighAnn Ryckeghem, Operations Manager, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The navigation division of Army Corps of Engineers will continue coordinating with the construction division to ensure the shipping season and construction at the new lock do not conflict. The freighters are on their way to another smooth sailing season on the Great Lakes.

Soo Locks History

Soo Locks Season Opening

Soo Locks New Lock Construction